These are the dishes that you can choose to create your own menu:


Solid Vermouth with Olive, Cockles, Vermouth Jelly, Mussel, Anchovy and Chip.
Soup of Melon with Ratafia (tradicional Catalan Sweet digestive).
Marinated Mackerel with Toasts and Tomato Pesto.
Mini Roast Bacon, Crayfish and Mellow Wine Sauce.
Ensaladilla Russa (a salad of mixed diced vegetables with mayonnaise).
Montgrí Potatoes with Spicy Tomato Sauce and Mild Garlic Mayonnaise “all i oli”.
Brandade of Cod with Apple, Paprika Oil and Pipes.
Jafre’s Fresh Cheese (recuit) with Anchovy and Bitter Orange jam.
Montgrí Bread with Tomato and Acorn Ham.
Duck Rillettes with Toasts.
Sobrasada Cake, Egg and Honey.
Toast with Salted Loin with Ullà’s Apple Compote.


Seafood Cream.
Almond Cream, Grapes and Candied Mandarin.
Soup of Peas with Caramelized Onion and Black Sausage.
Green Salad with lettuce, Tomatoe, Carrot, Radish, Onion and Green Olives.
Salad of Tomatoes, Purple Onion, Black Olives and Peach.
Salad of Cucumber, Celery, Onion, Apple, Black Olives with a Dressing of Yogurt and Citrus.
Pickled Quail Salad.
Roots Salad: Beetroot, Carrots, Turnip, Celery and Spring Onions.
Carpaccio of Courgette with Almonds Dressing.
Escalivada Bundle, Black Olives and Sage Oil.
Vegetables Timbale: Pumpkin, Courgette, Onion, Tomato and Mahon Cheese.
Pastry Nest with Scrambled Mushrooms and Garlic.
Stew of White Beans with Clams and Pork.
Vegetables Cannelloni or Grilled beef.
Prawn Cocktail.
Salmon Tartare.
Tuna Tartare.
Cod Esqueixada.
Steak Tartare of Girona’s Beef Fillet.


Stuffed Squids with Sauce.
Cod on a Bed of Vegetable Ragout with Garlic and Quince Oil.
Croaker cooked at low temperature with Candied Potatoes and Cardamom Sauce.
Fish Stew (Suquet).
Dry Rice with Squid, Ribs and Sausages/ Vegetable Rice.
Dry Rice with Cod Fish and Pork Cheek.
Dry Rice with Clams, Prawns, Mussels, Cuttlefish and Monkfish; everything clean and without shell.
Wild Boar Stew
Octopus Stuffed Trotters with Dried Fruits Sauce.
Chicken with Crayfish.
Baked Piglet with Sweet Potatoes.
Fricandó (beef stew) with Mushrooms.


Pears Tatin with Coffee Ice Cream and Rosemary Custard.
Apple with Honey and Curd.
Catalan Cream with Berries and Carquinyolis.
Chocolate Mousse with Bread, Oil and Salt.
Chocolate Cake.
Bunyols with Chocolate.
Fruit Salad Cup Texture with Coconut Foam.
Angelo's Ice Creams.
Banana, Baileys, Chantilly and Passion Fruit Cup.
Angelo's Icecreams.
Cheese Mouse, Candied Figs and Raspberries on a Pastry Sheet.
Catalan Cheeses with Quince.
Postres de Músic (desert of dried fruit and nuts) with Ratafia.

All dishes on show cooking are also part of our recipe.

Which one would you like to choose?

In addition, we can eleborate a drinks menu or propose you our cellar.

Tell us your idea and We will inform you!