1 - Let's organize a group of adults.

2 - Choose a Monograph:
Catalan Cuisine
Rice Cuisine
Ceviche and Tartar
Japanese Cuisine
Desserts and Pastries

3 - Choose one Monday from 7pm.

4 - Contact us via email at freecando@outlook.es or by phone at 605 600 443.

5 - Check the Monograph and the date you have chosen with us so we can reach an agreement.

6 - Come to our workroom to cook and to learn about everything related to the Monograph you have chosen.

7 - When we finish, we will have dinner together and discover the secrets of each proposal.

8 - Price per person:
Do not let the rush of the everyday life let you forget how important it is to know how to cook.

Treat yourself and get a cooking experience!